Reserve Your Skis or Snowboard Today!

For each renter, you will need to choose a skier type.  This is very important.
Please use this guide to help determine your level.

"Cautious Skiing at Lighter Release/Retention Settings"

"Moderate Skiing at Average Release/Retention Settings"

 "Aggressive Skiing at Higher Release/Retention Settings"

  • Ski conservatively

  • Prefer slower speeds

  • Prefer easy, moderate slopes

  • Favor lower than average release/retention settings

  • This corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased releasability in a fall

  • Type I settings apply to "entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification"New List Item

  • Ski moderately

  • Prefer a variety of speeds

  • Ski on varied terrain, including most difficult trails

  • This is all skiers who do not meet all the descriptions of either Type I or III

  • Ski aggressively

  • Normally ski at high speeds

  • Prefer steeper and more challenging terrain

  • Favor higher than average release/retention settings

  • This corresponds to decreased releasability in a fall in order to gain a decreased risk of inadvertent binding releaseNew List Item

We are closed for the season. Have a great summer and we hope to see you next season in October.  Thanks for your support!